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Rosé Tastings – Taste of Summer

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Not all rosé is created equal and you just have to sample some of the supermarket or pub offerings to know that not all rosé delivers that gorgeous taste of summer. There is a great variety of flavour and quality, from sweet to bone dry, from delicate soft fruit flavours to cloying boiled sweets! You don’t have to pay a lot of money to get a good rosé but it helps to know what you are looking for when faced with a row of rosés in a shop or on a wine list.

Rosé wine tasting – from a lightly sparkling rosé at only 5% alcohol to serious, award-winning wines that take rosé to another level, our rosé evenings are a real taste of summer. Taste your way round some of the best rosés available and learn more about our favourite summer drink, combine it with an olive oil tasting to complete the taste of summer.  These are fun evenings – perfect for a social gathering, fundraising or networking – the evening can include competitions and tasting challenges to add a competitive edge. The many colours of rosé are part of it’s attraction – learn whether you can judge a rosé by it’s colour.

We can come along and run a rosé masterclass or we can provide you with all you need to host the evening yourself – so if you need to raise some funds for your sports club, want a social evening with a difference, want to network with a new angle, or just want to get your friends round, then get in touch


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