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Why House Wine?

The House Wine was born because we know what a confusing, and often disappointing world wine can be. There are tens of thousands of wines to choose from so where do you start? That is why so many of us resort to special offers and medals to guide our selection and still that disappoints. We knew there were great wines out there so we set about finding them – not wines to put in your cellar for 10 years but wines that would be perfect for a Friday night supper with friends.

Our mission is to expand your wine horizons by carefully sourcing a changing selection of interesting wines for your enjoyment.  


Gwen McCann

Began her love affair with wine by editing many of the world’s best known wine writers in various publishing companies. She has gone on to study wine through WSET qualifications and then a BSc in Viticulture and Oenology at Plumpton College, where she learnt to do everything from driving a tractor to wine microbiology. She has had experience in all kinds of areas of the wine business and loves to discover interesting new wines while putting her tastebuds to the test at London’t amazing calendar of trade wine tastings.